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The worst pharmacy in Spain...
Farmacia Fernández Molina Artekale Kalea, 33 48005 Bilbao Bizkaia, Spain

An absolutely unbelievable experience - I entered the pharmacy "Farmacia Fernández Molina" in Bilbao to buy something fairly urgently for my parters mother. Later we realised that the doctor would give us a prescription so that we did not have to pay. It turns out that the pharmacy did not have the exactly same product on the prescription, so we asked for a refund so that we could buy the item from another pharmacy. What happened next was unbelievable - the owners of "Farmacia Fernández Molina" then proceeded to shout at us calling us stupid, and implying we were liars and cheats and we that we were trying to trick them out of the credit card commiseration for the refund - they actually called us far worse than just stupid, but I will not repeat it here - the owners behaved worse than children and they did this when there were other customers in the shop. We were humiliated and we left angry and upset. I strongly recommend you do NOT use this pharmacy, especially if you might want a refund in the future.