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US anchor Jennifer Livingston - Misses the point of the email

Jennier Livingston clearly missed the point of the viewers' email. The email was not a personal attack on the TV anchors physical appearance, but highlighted the opportunity that a positive message to society could have been sent if Jennifer Livingstone had made the effort over the years to improve her health. And I tend to agree.

In actual fact, the email was carefully written not to be personally offensive and above all makes a good point about social health and the responsibility of public figures.

The childish retort of Jennifer Livingston seems to imply that it is not the concern of society if a public figure wishes to behave in an anti-social manor is ludicrous - would there have been the same outcry if she was an alcoholic instead of obese?

It is a shame that the fragile ego of Jennifer Livingston was shattered and it is a shame that the potentially poignant issue of the roles of public figures has been turned into a childish plight for the rights of obese people.